Coolers and Freezers, storage and land lease.

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Build to Suit

Who We Are

The Landlord will consider building to fit your needs and financing the facility thru the lease term. 

We can build-to-suit or construct a free-standing building to meet your specifications.  Did you know this can preserve your capital ,rents are 100% tax deductible and provides you with some flexibility in case your space needs change.

Our services include freezer space to -15 f degrees, cooler space to 34-36 f degrees as well as warehousing Cross Docking and land storage areas. We also offer other types of services that can include Convertible Storage Space,

Servicing the distribution needs of the local Vendor companies as well as our I-5 Corridor Clients. 
We offer logistics services, and truck to truck transfers cold storage, dry storage, and land leasing.


Sorry- Currently NO SPACE Available

Cold Storage,Warehousing, Docking and Land Leasing